Article 9(6) of the constitution of Bhutan stipulates providing mandatory legal aid to its citizens. However, in the absence of legal aid facility many communities particularly people living in the far-flung areas seriously lack service-related information and may become victims of corruption in the absence of official complaint mechanism and initiative. The article 7(15) of the constitution of Bhutan mandates equal and effective protection of the law. However, access to justice is not equal for all. Some people do not understand the nature of the problem and others suffer from victimization as they are not versed with the laws of the country. Therefore BTI would like to focus on advocacy and legal assistive services to the vulnerable categories of people through a program called Advocacy and Legal Advice Program (ALAP).

ALAP is one of the most dynamic new anti-corruption intervention experiments by the global TI movement. ALAP creates a platform/avenue for people and organizations who either become victims or witnesses of corrupt practices to pursue cases.

ALAP will provide free legal advice and follow up complaints of corrupt activities.

ALAP seeks to inform and empower citizens especially victims and witnesses of corruption and then translate their concerns into structural changes for better local and national governance.

Brochure encapsulating highlights of the Advocacy and Legal Advice Program (ALAP) (2018-2020)