As a part of collaboration and cooperation between Bhutan Transparency Initiative (BTI) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in line with the MOU signed between the two institutions on 1st April 2014, BTI joined the ACC in carrying out an awareness and advocacy on corruption in Tashiyangtse Dzongkhag from 14/5/2018 to 22/5/2018.

The 9 days program covered all the eight Gewogs and one central school in the Dzongkhag. 946 people from the 8 gewogs and 400 participants (including the teacher and students) of Tsenkarla Central School were advocated on the topic. Prior to the program the education and prevention division of the ACC oriented the official of BTI on the content of the program.

As per the MOU, the collaborative effort was intended to achieve the following

  • Establish a sustained and effective collaboration and partnership between the ACC and BTI in preventing corruption
  • Increase the level and reach of anti-corruption and corruption awareness through BTI
  • Provide support to the BTI in building its capacity to mainstream anti-corruption measure in both public and private sectors


The overall goal of the program was towards “Building an informed and awakened citizenry.”


The main objective of the program was to

  1. Advocate the general citizens on Corruption and its effect
  2. Inform the public on how to report corruption
  3. Educate public on the mitigation measures of corruption (COI, ADA and Gift Rule)
  4. Improve the quality of complaints and
  5. Inform and the public on complaint management

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