The Special Reserve Police Force Training Center, Royal Bhutan Police, Tashigatshel, Chukha request…ed the Commission to deliver a talk on ethics, integrity and professionalism in the public service to the Integrated Training of the National Land commission staffs. Commissioner Kezang Jamtsho talked on the topic – Integrity and Professionalism in Pubic Service: Understanding the Role of Integrity in Self management. The talk was delivered to 35 National Land Commission Staffs on 13 April 2015.

The talk focused integrity as something internal to oneself though outside conditions tend to influence it, if one is not aware and careful in one’s dealings in public life. It was stressed that if one is disciplined and diligent, no outside factors or conditions would matter and therefore, integrity is how you manage yourself or your public dealings. It was pointed out that next level of importance was institutional or system integrity so that the environment would be conducive for practicing integrity. Corruption triangle, integrity triangle and corruption screening tools, among others were explained to understand the concept of people and institutional management as a remedy against lapses leading to corruption.

Two land related cases on how land grabbing is done was presented to illustrate criminal conspiracy and criminal breach of trust by officials who are the custodian of the State land.