BTI has been very fortunate to receive support from Canada High Commission, New Delhi under the CFLI project towards institutionalizing Social Accountability within the LGs of Zhemgang District. The Project was not only successful in creating awareness to the communities and the local government on the importance of inclusive governance and civic engagement for more accountable and transparent governance, but also in training the community and LG officials on the practical applications of Social Accountability tools, particularly community score card.

The Project period from August 2016 to April 2017 covered all the eight Gewogs (Blocks) in the district Sensitizing and advocating around 800 participants on the principles of SA followed by in-depth training on SA tools to around 300  participants. The participants were nominated with due consideration to gender and villages to ensure a proportionate representation. The project was truly appreciated by all, government officials, local leaders and public servants and the citizens as it helped to make people understand the fundamental benefits of social accountability. The project also helped identify key areas of concern and how these concerns could be addressed in each geog.

Social Accountability is quite a recent concept that has touched Bhutan. However, given the many benefits it brings to governance in a democratic setting it has gained momentum. It is also recognized as a very important framework to enhance local governance. Thus Social Accountability plays a vital role in enhancing transparency, accountability and integrity. Therefore, the CFLI project has been a very timely and a relevant project according to the local governments.