Bhutan Transparency Initiative joined the Nation in celebrating the International Anti Corruption Day on 9th December, 2015  on the theme, “Breaking the Corruption Chain”.

This year, BTIs  focus is on young people, therefore, the participants of the IACD program  were young members of the Youth Engagement and Support Group, which is a strong network of young people registered with BTI to foster transparency and accountability in their communities. We send invitations to 150 students across 15 schools and 70 young athletes.  We hope that these participants will help raise awareness in their schools and federations and become engaged in their modest ways to promote integrity. Invitations were also extended to Members of Parliament and senior government officials. However, they were unable to attend because the IACD program coincided with the closing session of the Parliament.

The UN Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Niamh Collier-Smith kindly consented to be the chief guest for the event. Also present at the event were the Director General, Department of Youth and Sports, more than twenty officials from the Anti Corruption Commission, students and athletes, Civil Society organization members and media partners (BBS, Kuensel, Bhutan Times).

To mark the Day BTI organized a debate on the topic “We are all responsible for Corruption in our society” to create awareness and disseminate message that fighting corruption is a collective responsibility because it impedes development, undermines democracy and challenges the principle of Gross National Happiness. The debate program was documented by Bhutan Broad Casting Service and rebroadcast-ed (nationwide) on the 10th and 11th December, 2015.

The celebration of IACD concluded with the banner exhibition put together by the young member