Bhutan Transparency Initiative joined the global community in observing the International Anti Corruption Day on 9th December 2017 on the theme, “United against Corruption for Development, Peace, and Security”.

This year, BTI’s focus is on young people; therefore, the participants of the IACD program were young members of the Youth Engagement and Support group and students from different Schools. We send invitations to more than 200 students across 23 schools requesting 10 students from each school.  We hope that these participants will help raise awareness in their schools and become engaged in their modest ways to promote integrity. Invitations were also extended to Members of Parliament and senior government officials, International Communities and civil society organizations.

The minister of works and human settlement Lynpo (Minister) Dorji Choden kindly consented to be the chief guest for the event. After the welcome speech, the Chief Guest addressed the gathering. She emphasized on the need to take responsibility and work together to fight corruption and said that “It is the responsibility of every Bhutanese to act against corruption”. The Resident Representative of UNDP Bhutan shared the IACD message form UNODC after the address by the chief guest.

To mark the day Bhutan Transparency Initiative launched a report -Citizens Perception on Implementation of 11th Five Year Plan- . The study was initiated to generate systematic feedback directly from people on their experience of accessing basic prioritized public services and entitlements under the 11th Plan.

Different advocacy videos produced by the youth members of BTI as a part of the activities of YMTA Bhutan were showcased to create awareness on corruption to the young school children. 20 young children took part in the evaluation of the group competition. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners of YMTA group competition and participants of YMTA Bhutan.

The documentary titled “Influence of Corruption by YMTA group 1 took the 1st prize of Nu. 7000 ($ 109.3). The 2nd prize of Nu. 5000 ($78.12) was awarded to YMTA group 4 for their documentary titled “Know Corruption in Your District.” YMTA group 5 took the 3rd prize of Nu. 3000 ($46.8) for their animation video titled “Corruption in the Forest”

To create a better understanding on corruption BTI also organized a quiz on corruption among the young children. All the school children took part in the quiz program and the participants who gave right answer were awarded prizes.  As a part of the awareness program, BTI also distributed stickers and bookmarks with the message on corruption to the participants supported by UNDP Bhutan.

Coinciding with the day BTI also signed an MOU with 5 colleges ( Sherubtshe College, CNR, RTC, GCBS, and PCE) to institute a program called ‘Youth for Accountability Practitioners.’ The objective of the program is to promote youth engagement and support in enhancing governance in the country. The program will involve one of the four broad areas of governance, Integrity, Social Audits, Governance Research and Advocacy.


The celebration of IACD concluded with the signing of pledge book against corruption.