Bhutan Transparency Initiative has established a youth network called Youth Engagement and Support (YES) since 2015. The network was created with an objective to create a social fence against corruption involving young members. The network consists of university graduates and out of school youths scattered around the country. BTI has been constantly engaging the members of the network with various capacity building programs in its effort to promote civic engagement.

As a part of the capacity building program, BTI initiated an induction course to BTI staff and selected potential YES leaders in the form of workshop complemented with field visits with support from VANI in New Delhi. This program is intended to generate a concrete action plan for YES engagement in the country. The fact that the workshop was held in India is to expose the participants on how youths engage productively in enhancing good governance. Therefore it will lead to better engagement of our youth members in enhancing Transparency, Accountability, Participation and expanding engagement opportunities for the network
The 5 days study visit will provide the opportunity for our YES members to see and experience the noble works of various CSOs and NGOs associated with VANI and understand the essence of volunteerism and team work towards bringing a better change in the society through volunteer services.
The program will help develop a concrete (5 Year) plan of action for Youth Engagement in supporting communities to create a more harmonious, equitable and just and sustainable societies.

The team composes of 9 members including 7 active youths and 2 staffs of BTI. The youths are selected based on their active participation in the activities of BTI and the regional balance of our outreach. As a part of capacity building of the BTI secretariat to get exposure in the area of networking and functioning of the CSOs in India, 3 staffs of BTI will lead the team for the visit. Considering gender equality the team consist of 3 female and 6 male.
Program overview of the study visit
The study visit consist of 7 days:
12th June 2017- Travel to Delhi from Paro
13th June 2017- Introduction to operation of VANI (Voluntary Action Network of India)
14th June 2017- Field Visit to Deepalaya (Sonipath- Harayana)
15th June 2017- Field Visit to PRIA (Namunda Village- Harayana)
16th June 2017- Visit to BBC Action Network
17th June 2017- Working on the Action Plan by each group
18th June 2017- Delhi Darshan (Sightseeing)
19th June 2017- Travel from Delhi to Bhutan

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