BTI hired an International Consultant with excellent knowledge and experience on participatory research and social accountability approaches to train YES members (Youth Engagement and Support) on research design. 9 active YES members were given a practical training on Citizen Report Card (CRC) and related participatory research methodologies to be applied for the conduct of field survey  for generating the citizen’s report on implementation of the 11th five year plan. The 10 days training from 24/10/16 – 02/11/16 involved in-house training in a workshop mode, collaborative development of survey instrument, field familiarization visit to Paro Dzongkhag and Field trail of survey methodologies and questionnaires in Paro Dzongkhag.

After the training, 3 YES members were deputed in each Dzongkhags identified for the survey to gather information for 41 days from 17/11/2016-26/12/16.