Bhutan Transparency Initiative (BTI)  initiated the launch of Youth Engagement and Support Program to encourage and develop strong network of young people who will play a key role in participating in issues that affects them and their community. The concept of the BTI Youth Program builds on the national efforts to curb corruption by sensitizing and engaging young citizens and encouraging them to eventually break away from the tendencies of tacitly accepting corruption as NORMAL way of life.

BTIs first ever Youth Sensitization program on Social Accountability started on 10th of may and concluded on 4th June, 2015. The Youth program in its initial phase focused its efforts on interested out of school youth of the twenty Dzongkhags. The Dzongkhags were grouped based on the distance to provide opportunity to the participants to meet and interact with youth from other Dzongkhags.

Two day program for Youth out of school was organized in seven training centers covering 18 Dzongkhags in the country.  The primary objective of the Youth Engagement and Support (YES) Sensitization Program is to encourage membership from passionate and dedicated participants to YES Group, a strong network of young people in promoting core values of good governance and embracing their roles and responsibilities in fighting corruption in their community.

It took the team almost one month to cover 18 Dzongkhags (8th May 2015- 5th June 2015). BTI had to postpone the program for two Dzongkhags (Samdrup Jongkhar and Pema Gatshel) since they required more time to identify participant. The program for the remaining Dzongkhags will be conducted at a convenient time.

A total of 284 participants attended the program of  which 176 participants registered with BTI as YESmemeber .