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Article 8(9) of the constitution of our country states “Every person shall have the duty to uphold justice and to act against corruption.”

Please take an opportunity to uphold the fundamental duty enshrined in the constitution by contributing to the works of BTI in promoting transparency, accountability, and integrity in the country.

We are solely dependent on small programmatic funds and donations. Therefore, to sustain our works towards promoting good governance, civic engagement and bring corruption under the spotlight, your support is vital. All this will be possible for us only if you all provide us with your generous support and together we can make a difference.

All your donations will be tax-exempt. We will provide you with a tax deduction certificate. Every penny will be utilized wisely towards building the database (on corruption, governance, and public service delivery), creating awakened and informed citizenry on participatory democracy and promoting civic engagement.

Every registered member of Bhutan Transparency Initiative shall have the following benefits

  1. To participate in BTI’s General Meetings
  2. To nominate candidates or get nominated as a candidate to be elected to BTI’s Board of Directors
  3. To vote and elect Board of Directors
  4. To attend public functions and events in-country and abroad upon BTI’s invitation
  5. To receive certificates of membership and other recognitions of meritocracy
  6. To participate in strategic direction of BTI
  7. To represent BTI on BTI’s written request
  8. To receive BTI’s publications