Guided by His Majesty the King’s noble command “I will not be corrupted and I will not tolerate corruption in others”, BTI is in the process of initiating a nationwide campaign on ‘Building a Corruption Resilient Society’.

We believe that if every Bhutanese adopt this noble command as one of one’s life’s purposes, our country can become the least corrupted country in the world, and our people the happiest. Thus, as a part of this campaign, we are in the process of inviting citizens from all sections of the society to join us.
To join us, please, visit our website and fill up the membership form under the pull down menu titled ‘GET ENGAGED’ or call us at 02-3240921/ 17127887
We are happy to introduce the first batch of our members from five constituencies of Thimphu Thromde who joined today.
To reiterate, we are confident that if every Bhutanese takes the moral responsibility to shy away from corruption, we can become the ‘cleanest’ country in the world. Therefore, we invite everyone to show your solidarity and join the common pursuit to build a society free from corruption.