Bhutan Transparency Initiative was founded in April 2013 by a group of volunteers who came together to establish a reference institution to put corruption under the spotlight by increasing transparency, integrity and accountability in Bhutan through the provision of policy-oriented research, development of training tools and facilitation of policy dialogue.

As we look toward the future, there is a new perception and trends to open up a wider political environment and space for better engagement and collaboration between the state and the non-state actors to tackle corruption issues in the country. We know that there are still great challenges ahead in the fight against corruption. Eliminating corruption is never an easy job. It takes time, evolves great risks and demands unrelenting commitments.

“With the rapid pace of economic development in our country, there have been changes in the thinking of the people with the influence of self-interest leading to corrupt practices taking place in both the government and the private sector. It appropriates steps are not taken now to stop this trend, it will lead to very serious problems in the future, for both the government and the people, in our country with a very small population. In this regard, it is the responsibility of every Bhutanese to act against corruption in our country” – Excerpt from Royal Decree issued on 31st December 2005 by His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo

Corruption continues to negatively impact all sectors in any country and especially the poor and vulnerable; distorts fair distribution of the national wealth and divert public resources intended for the poor and vulnerable in the hands of a few; undermines development efforts which result in further victimizing those that are already socially and economically disadvantaged. We know we cannot ignore and turn our backs on the issues. Therefore, we must do something as individual, as groups and as a movement for the sake of us all, especially for our future generations.

The organization was granted the status of CSO on the 10th of November 2014.